Distressed Student Planted To Ask Clinton About Her ‘Voluptuous Powersuit’

Do you like what I'm wearing bitch???

It seems Hilary has the answers for everything, including what crowd-members should ask her about.

The race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination took an abrupt turn yesterday when it was disclosed that officials from Hilary Clinton’s campaign told certain members in the audience what to ask the candidate after a speech on energy policy in Iowa.

Today a student disclosed the horrific truth, admitting that his question about Clinton’s sexy powersuit was completely fabricated by the New York Senator’s campaign.

“Two fluffers came over from her campaign and told me that if I asked this question they’d give me some Ricky Martin PEZ dispensers,” said the student, who will remain anonymous due to his enrollment in the witness protection program.

The staffer then opened a large binder, flipped to page tabbed “For Slacked-Off Gibronis”, and referenced a list of eight pre-prepared questions specifically designed for someone of his disposition and sobriety.  After passing on a) “Do you have your brown belt?”, b) “What does Kangaroo Pouch Goo taste like?”, and c) “Which is your favourite tooth?”, the staffer prompted the student to ask, “Where do you get your voluptuous Powersuits?”

Video from the event shows the student sheepishly approach a microphone and asking: “Mrs. Clinton… golly… you’re so pretty all the time… your suits, they’re so bold and immaculate.  I wonder how Bill could have ever wanted to splooge on someone else’s clothes?”  Clinton campaign officials can be seen waving frantically in the background while Clinton gives a flattered smile.

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