Sen. Craig Enters Wrong Order At Drive-Thru, Receives Wrong Food

No, I ordered the handjob!

Sen. Larry Craig approached a local McDonald’s Drive-Thru yesterday, and ordered a Filet-O-Fish instead of a McChicken Sandwich — the Senator ended up receiving the Filet-O-Fish against his wishes, and proceeded to deliver a spiteful polemic about how he instead wanted the McChicken.

“Yes, I know I originally said Filet-O-Fish,” said Craig, “but I’m granted certain courtesies by law that should be enjoyed by any man. This failure to treat me differently because of my importance represents a manifest injustice. Who in their right mind would enter an order of Filet-O-Fish, when everyone knows that would lead to me eating the wrong meal? Anyone who knows me would know that I actually wanted the McChicken — especially after I received the Filet-O-Fish and everyone else in the car made fun of me.”

Asked why McDonald’s would carry the Filet-O-Fish if no one wanted to eat it, Craig said, “well, maybe some people just want to eat their dinner and get the hell out of there, and not attract too much attention.”

The Idaho Republican also seemed annoyed at questions of why he didn’t choose his words more carefully. “Look, I was just ordering food, which is a fairly low consequence activity. Now, if I was to proposition gay sex under a Minnesota airport washroom stall, I’d probably act in a way that damn sure reflected what my intentions were. But since I wasn’t doing that, I don’t see what the big deal is.”

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