Radiohead’s Pick-Your-Price Forces Hung To Push Boundaries

Hung, I AM your father!

Like the rest of us, the morning of October 1st started just like any other early autumn day for William Hung — paying hotel damage deposits after yet another evening of high priced hookers and improvised phalli. But over his morning cup of java, Hung ended up spitting a mouthful of coffee all over one of the girls still sleeping in his hotel room. And then he read the paper. And then he got a great idea!

He’d just read about Radiohead announcing their intention to digitally release their new album over the Internet, and allowing anyone to pay whatever they wanted for it — including nothing. ‘What bravado,’ Hung thought, and it motivated him into a chain of events culminating in his own ambitious plans, divulged in a press release today:

“Starting today, any visitor to can purchase songs from my website. Any song. You pick the song, and I’ll sing it for you live — and a digital copy will be uploaded to your hard-drive afterwards. I don’t even need to know the song. I’ll just guess the lyrics if I have to. You listen to whatever you want to hear, and pay whatever you want to pay. Donations are encouraged, as my set of false Asian-Stereotype-Teeth are wearing past the point of usability.”

Industry analysts — still reeling over the implications of Radiohead’s In Rainbows album setting a new floating price precedent — are shocked. “This puts us into a whole new era of music,” says NME’s Over Hyperson, “and of course it’s William’s innovations that are introducing us to the future. In one fell-swoop, he has brushed aside Radiohead’s relevance both musically and industrially. A genius at work, in a time when geniuses are dishearteningly rare.”

Some brave souls are trying to stump Hung’s breathtaking musical cannon, and are having mixed results.

“One guy tried to get me to sing the Sirens’ song encountered by Ulysses in The Odyssey, so I ended up just moaning my interpretation of what rubbing nipples sounds like,” said Hung, “I don’t think he ended up paying anything.”

Asked how this would impact his touring revenue, as his fans can now listen to Hung whenever they want, Hung was optimistic: “I wasn’t really getting all that much money from the high school volleyball games or Senate confirmation hearings I was playing before… so this new customized bespoke format of singing may actually increase my earnings. No one’s paid for anything yet, but the law of averages suggests that some idiot will actually think I have more talent than a beached Sperm Whale that’s nearing death.”

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