Mtn bike routes in Colombia: What to bring

International mtn biking is fun and Colombia is an outstanding untapped destiny. Whether you’re taking short bike routes on the local trails or heading out into the wonderful Colombian coffee area landscape, all mtn bikers need to take a bare minimum of products. It is critical to retain both the body and the bike in top form and these products assist you to do that. Absolutely nothing is a lot more frustrating than becoming stranded on a trail and getting to stroll again to the trail head or a whole lot worse becoming too far out to get again without a vehicle. Another additional benefit is that you’ll be capable to aid a stranded biker if needed.

(Notice: for the convenience, the biking tour guides of Emilga can help you with the upkeep of the bi-cycle once in Colombia. We have access to two entirely outfitted bike stores in Pereira which can offer you pretty much everything it is easy to need in the course of the mtn biking experience in Colombia.)

Saddle bag or unit:

This is a crucial piece of equipment as it is where you will store the products. Small luggage fit under the saddle and can maintain a couple of products, comfortable for a quick drive or a drive that isn’t too far out in the wilderness. Notice that for lengthy rides or far aside rides you’ll need to take into account a little biking again unit to be able to bring also a lot more, but the saddle bag pursuits for a lot riders.

Multi tool:

These compact things consist of a wide variety of little tools valuable for crafting adjustments and restorations on the trails. The a lot standard versions include 3 to 5 tools even though entirely packed versions may include up to 27 tools. A good multiple tool should consist of at a minimum: Phillips golf club head, standard fee golf club head, hex wrench, and Allen wrenches (many sizes). One that also has a chain app and tire pry app is also better.

Tire restore kit:

While a lot mtn bike tires are intended to take a beating, a standard fee tire is inevitable from time to time. A standard tire restore kit could have at least two one inch patches using glue and include a little piece of sand paper. Additionally a tire pry app is a good inclusion to any tire restore kit, some come with this app which can make eradicating the tire easier.

Little bike pump:

If you do get a standard fee tire you’ll do pump up the tire yet again right after you place it. A partialbike  pump allows you to do this. Additionally it allows you to generate adjustments to the tire pressure anytime.

Aditional tire tube:

While this isn’t a requirement for quick rides, it may be excellent to be able to bring one. In the event that you get a pinch standard fee or a large tear in a tire tube, a place kit could be useless.


Often take a full water bottle affixed to a safe bottle cage. For lengthier rides take into account bringing two full sizes or any type of hydration system.


Doing so is typically ignored but immediately after climbing rocky steep hls the muscles could be drained and you’ll need some energy. Small things similar to exercise gel nutrient packs, granola bars, or peanut butter crackers are stellar options that fit in a little saddle unit.

First aid:

You should take a naked minimum of band aids, gauze, and closure adhesives (assist retain a gash or wound from stretching). Antibiotic lotion or antiseptic is also recommended.  

Notice: all the mtn biking routes in Colombia are tours organized by Emilga and have a educated bilingual guide that goes with the organization team of bikers.

As well as these things you should always take a mobile or portable phone, a form of ID, and a couple of dollars. Often drive safely and suit up with a helmet. Take into account additional protective products if you are executing downhill or intense riding.

For a lot more information checking: Birding and Biking the Colombian Coffee Region

OUR Guarantee: Emilga helps birdwatchers and mtn bikers notice the breathtaking birds and landscape of the Colombian Coffee Region by offering bilingual led tours.
The “Wow” factor is guaranteed and all people could know why in Colombia the risk is wanting to stay.

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